General Questions

If your service provides specialist mental health supported accommodation you can use the QuIRC-SA to undertake an assessment of the quality of care provided.
If your service is equivalent to an inpatient unit (i.e. if it is seen as a treatment setting rather than supported accommodation) then the QuIRC is the most appropriate tool for your assessment.
Once you have registered as a user you can complete the QuIRC-SA for any services you manage.
If the units function as a single service then complete one QuIRC-SA. If the units are physically separate and have different specifications (e.g communal/shared facilities vs self-contained facilities, or they focus on different client groups) then complete a QuIRC-SA for each unit. If you have any questions about whether to complete one or more QuIRC-SA assessments do please contact us to discuss this further.
Yes, the QuIRC-SA has been designed to be completed by any senior member of staff. The person completing it will need to register as a user on the QuIRC website first.
The QuIRC-SA was adapted for use in supported accommodation services as part of the QuEST study. You can read more about the study here and about the development of the QuIRC-SA in the publications listed on the "About" page.
Yes, please contact us to discuss this further.
Once you have completed the QuIRC-SA you will be able to print a pdf report showing the performance of your service across each of the seven domains. The report will also provide some descriptive information about your service. Please note that if your service provides floating outreach support no rating is given for the living environment domain.
Please contact us with any technical difficulties you may have and we will be happy to assist.
Only you and our Web administrator will be able to access the report produced about your service. While we will use the data provided by services to create the average domain scores for each type of service, and may use the data in future research, the data will be anonymised and information about individual services will not be identifiable. Please read our privacy policy for more information on this.

Manage an inpatient service?

If you are a manager or senior member of staff of an inpatient service for individuals with longer term mental health problems, based in a hospital or the community, and would like to undertake an assessment of the quality of care provided in your service, please visit the website for the original QuIRC.

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